25 years of fruit: Anne Osborne

You may or may not have noticed, that up to this point I haven’t spoken to a single female fruitarian. This is something that perplexed me; was fruitarianism something exclusive to men? Were they better equipped to sustain a life on fruit? Or were women just savvy enough to know that this was a foolish venture?

Anne Osborne

Well things changed when I got in touch with Anne Osborne. Anne is somewhat of a veteran when it comes to the whole fruit fandango. For her, this lifestyle is no new phenomenon, and she has adhered to a diet of almost wholly sweet fruits for the past 25 years. No that’s not a typo, 25 YEARS. Can you imagine 25 years without your favourite guilty pleasures? No, me neither.

To me, this seemed unbelievable. Experts like Dr Steven Bratman and Chloe Miles had told me that this kind of lifestyle is impossible to sustain, but has Anne proven them otherwise – or is she really as devout as she’d told me?

I find it very difficult to doubt Anne’s integrity. I’m not sure whether it’s the way she signs off her messages (‘love and peaches <3’) or her vibrant, gentle and compassionate nature that led me to feel this way. Having tried the diet myself, the only way I could legitimise this in my head was that Anne must really love fruit as much as she says she does. I mean really LOVE it.

She first came by fruitarianism at a talk in her hometown of Leicester – not far from where I’m from myself. Now, Anne’s sunning it up halfway around the world in Queensland Australia, where she can get her hands on all kinds of tropical fruits.

It was tough picking which parts of our conversation to include in this audio excerpt, because there was a lot that Anne had to say. Take a listen below to hear her story.


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