Twitter spat? Who knew fruit could be so divisive

I’m not really sure what happened yesterday. All I can tell you with conviction is that I watched two of my interviewees have it out on Twitter, and it seemed to unfurl in slow motion. To the pleasure of Twitter’s lurkers, a debate was about to begin – and my gosh was it going to get weird.


On Thursday night, I posted a piece about SebCam: the fruitarian pornstar, which you can have a read of here. The way I have my wordpress account set up, it automatically posts to Twitter for me so that the lovely lemons who follow me can keep up to date with what I write. So far, so good.

Well, yesterday morning, British Dietetics Association Spokesperson Chloe Miles, who I interviewed for the documentary, replied to my tweet, arguing that the the body is able to maintain it’s pH range without the need of alkaline foods, dispelling Seb’s reasoning that I talk about in the blog.

Well, Seb, being… Seb really, replied with great haste that he had evidence based on results, and not theory. And so the Twebate ensued.

I’m not going to post Seb’s response… but you can probably imagine that he wasn’t happy. Which he then demonstrated by vlogging. Twice. The man was incensed!

Take a look here, I will forewarn that there is PROFANITY in these videos, so if you are of a nervous disposition then you might want to have a lie down:

And this one too:

Whether you agree with him or not, his subscribers seem to think he speaks a lot of sense. He used the word ‘sheeple’. Fantastic.


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