Where are all the fruitarians?


This will be a quick update, because as you can probably imagine, I have a lot to get done before the grand reveal on Wednesday, but I wanted to share a resource that I came across in my research.

By this point, I’ve explained largely how I found contributors for my documentary, and much of this process was conducted online – especially through social media networks – as it’s not uncommon for individuals to seek solace and support in an online community.

As a result, I have joined many fruit-based Facebook groups over the last couple of months in a bid to find contributors and work out what is discussed in these forums. One very useful group I came across was the UK Fruit Lovers group on Facebook, which has over 900 members. They’ve done a stellar job of mapping some of the UK’s fruit-lovers, as well as members overseas, by encouraging users to add a pinpoint to an interactive map detailing their contact details and dietary information. This, in theory, should help others to locate like-minded people in their area. Whilst not everyone within UK Fruit Lovers is strictly fruitarian, adherents of other popular raw diets like 80/10/10 (80% carbs – often through raw fruit – 10% protein, 10% fats) and high-carb low-fat veganism can also add their details too. Please do take a look at it – I can’t embed the map here without upgrading my wordpress account (which is £85 I’m just not willing to spend).

I did check out many of the pinpoints myself, in the hope that there would be fruitarians near me that I could reach out to. Unfortunately there seemed to be few who were within my remit that identified as fruitarian. Nonetheless, it certainly begins to paint a picture of how wide this movement truly is, and I’m certain that there are probably a lot of UK fruitarians that have not logged their details on this map. Whilst its directory isn’t extensive, I imagine that it will continue to grow as fruitarianism gains traction.


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