SebCam: the fruitarian pornstar


Welcome back to When Life Gives You Lemons my faithful fruitbats! It’s just five days until the deadline, and I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to have a browse of the blog so far. It’s been extremely encouraging to get such positive feedback, and I was over the moon when I found out that 125 unique visitors accessed my blog yesterday, so please keep on reading – and I promise I’ll keep on writing.

But for now… back to business.

On Wednesday, I told you about the first of my contributors – Owen Gayle the fruitarian athlete – and you can read about our interview just here. However, if you’re reading this post, I suggest that you plant your wee behind on a very sturdy chair, as I ready you for the enigma that is interviewee #2. Let’s just say… he’s a little bananas. Enter: SebCam.


When I met Seb, I knew instantaneously that he was eccentric. He told me ‘Seb Cam’ was the only name he went by, and when I asked his age… well, he considered himself 34 ‘planetary earth’ years old. There was little I really knew about him before we met, but from what I could gather, he seemed to be some sort of fruit-eating, sungazing part-time pornstar that lived in a caravan behind his parents house. You know, not your conventional 9-5 career guy. Nothing wrong with that eh? I know I’d rather work only one week in every month if I had the choice.

Right about now, I expect you’re probably wondering where on (planetary) earth I found him.

Seb just so happens to be a YouTuber, or a vlogger – call it what you will.  After exhausting social media platforms in my search for interviewees, I came across Seb’s YouTube channel instead – and frankly, I didn’t hesitate to get in touch.

His channel is a combination of lifehacks, conspiracy theories, reaction videos, extreme sports, pranks and behind the scenes footage from his work in the porn industry. I was instantly sold by his on-screen presence, and whether you like him or not his take on the world makes for priceless viewing.

I was interested to know where his journey began. How did he become a pornstar? When did he become fruitarian? Why does he stare at the sun? Does it get tiring being so zany?

I could give you the long answer or I could give you the short answer… but because it would take HOURS to tell you about every facet of Seb’s life, I will just tell you this; it all started with Zeitgeist the movie. For him, this documentary was instrumental in altering how he perceived his surroundings – unlocking his skeptical mind.

So he started reading about food. Much like Owen, Seb transitioned through vegetarianism first, then veganism, through to raw veganism before becoming fruitarian – but what was his ultimate motivation?

“I’d been getting sick a lot – just general man flu, hungover kind of symptoms – but I didn’t want to be sick anymore. So I wondered, how can you get more energy? How can you never be sick again? And it turns out alkaline is the keyword. Then I would look into what foods are alkaline; I had no clue.”

Seb soon discovered that foods like melons and cucumbers were particularly alkaline, whilst other foods he was eating like meat were very acidic, and that they were to be avoided. He began cutting out these acidic foods gradually, and within two years he had fully adopted the fruitarian lifestyle.


 “It’s weird for me when I sometimes speak to friends and they’re like ‘I’m not feeling good’ – you know, they’ve got to stay in bed that day or they’ve got a sore throat. I’m literally like wow! I don’t remember what that’s like.

“The transition time was very very difficult, because I had no one else who was doing it with me and no help, and no encouragement. And if anything, I was surrounded by other people still eating just something simple like bread – but because I would keep having to see bread, like in the cupboard, it would make think ‘ah, wouldn’t mind having a sandwich’. So I had to kind of stop going to places or surround myself with fruit so I wouldn’t have those other options.”

I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t burning to ask how his lifestyle choices had affected his work as a pornstar. I wasn’t sure whether he would have a formative opinion on this, but it seemed to be something he had considered.

Laura & seb

“When I came back [to porn] with a clear thinking mind,  a lot of the girls weren’t as attractive as they maybe originally appeared to be, and it would be more off-putting if they [were] talking about steak and bacon. So it’s restrictive in that sense, but it’s not something I miss… they’re not all that attractive anyway.

“If you go to America there’s a lot more vegan girls. There’s just a wider range – it’s a bigger pool.”

So I asked: have they become less attractive because of their ideology, or what you see them putting into their bodies in terms of food – what is it that has become less a-peeling?

“All of the above I think. Definitely their mannerisms – the way they hold themselves, I suppose. It’s a laddish, loutish, drink more beer, have more beef kind of mentality… and then I find it ironic – I have to try and bite my tongue sometimes – they talk about being like ‘oh I can’t eat gluten… don’t eat gluten.'”

Seb thinks there’s an unexploited market ready to be had, and that working with like-minded performers could be a more rewarding venture.

“This is my goal now for the future, to make a kind of vegan-based porn; so it’s like vegan-fit people, and that’s the niche.”

For the rest of the interview, watch out for the full-length documentary coming soon. I’ll leave you with this:





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